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October 19, 2011


Marti Schrock

I don't mind the increase. I am still against Forever stamps & am eager to add postage to old denominations. That is fun for me!

Mrs. Fakefish


Jenny Ray

I don't mind the increase, either. It's like anything else that we buy. I know people who can't live without their Starbucks lattes, so they whine a little, but keep getting them every morning. I love sending mail, so if I have to cut back on something else-say a movie or something- in order to send out my mailings, then I'm happy to do so.


I admit I always sigh when postage rates go up (all the time it seems here, in Australia). At the moment we pay AU $2.35 (currently about the same in US$) to send a letter to the US/Europe, and 65c with Australia, so $1.05 and 45c are maybe not so bad :)


Just in time for me to go abroad :/ I guess I need to work on writing entertaining letters so as to convince people to continue writing to me...!

Jenny Ray

Actually, I got to thinking about it again later today and you know what?? This may actually be a great incentive to help me kick that last 10 lbs that I need to lose! Before you think I'm crazy, it's just that when I'm at the store and feeling a bit lonely, what do I reach for?? Cookies! Cakes! Candies! Pasta! Food, food, food, and I end up spending well over $1.05 for each thing. Sometimes $3 or $4 for each package of something that I don't need anyway!! And then after I eat some, I feel awful. And half the time, some of the stuff goes stale/bad and is wasted to the trashcan. From now on, when I'm at the store and I reach for a pack of cookies, I'm going to make a note to send a couple of pen pal letters instead!!! :)


Absolutely! whatever needs to happen to keep mail flying through the air and the roadways into mailboxes :-). Jenny - good luck with your endeavor. I did the same sort of thing for a number of reasons. I stopped paying at least $4/day to commute by transit and got back on my bike to work schedule; I think I'm at 9 weeks straight now. And yes, my incentive was certainly keeping the pants less tight, but very much so it was about how many more stamps and beautiful mail art supplies I could keep buying! :D

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