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March 30, 2012


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Wow. What an amazing program! Brought tears to my eyes. My great-grandpa was a WWII vet. I would love to write some letters. Thanks so much for telling us about this!


Do you have any idea of how many vets are in need of letters? I'd like to know how many to write. Great project. These vets need to feel our love and appreciation.


Thank you, Donovan & Kathy, for featuring Honor Flight Chicago's Mail Call! It has become a labor of love & I have an even greater appreciation my letter carrier, John, who has become an "accidental" volunteer :)

Sharon, to answer your question, we do 9 flights between April and November, and usually about 10 veterans per flight need a little mail "boost" because they don't have enough family or friends left to write letters. Feel free to write as many or as few as you'd like--I promise they will get used throughout the season :)


Thank you Kimberly! Good to know that I can send a bunch now and more later too.


Just a general note of thanks? any other suggestions for what to include in the letters?


Hi Carrie!
Most people just write a short note thanking the veteran for his/her service, and some people add a bit about their family's military service (if applicable) or what kinds of freedoms they are thankful for in daily life.

Anything is really appreciated by the veterans...

Thanks for your interest :)


tracey k in ohio

Would love to be a part of this. Question: do I write several letters, put postage on them, then send them all to you @ the address listed? Please let me know. Thanks :-)


Hi Tracey!
You can send as many letters as you would like and mail them in a larger envelope. If you do that, there is no need to put postage on each individual letter, because once I get them, I collect all of the letters for each veteran and he/she is handed a big envelope with the collection on the flight home from DC.

Thanks for writing!!


Sister M. Virginia Sztorc

Dear Ms. Kim Adami,
This is an ECELLENT IDEA. I am sending an envelope with cards for the Veteranss today. When is the latest they can reach you for this trip? I can be reached at 773-463-3020 extention 4541. God BLESS YOU for this wonderful tribute.
I am honored to be part of this project.


Dear Sister M. Virginia Sztorc,
Our 2013 flight season ends on October 30th, but anything that is unused this year is saved for next year. Letters are always used and always appreciated. Thank you so much for participating!

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