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January 04, 2013


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I'm a little in love with the Field Notes book of tiny stamp-filled envelopes.


I also love the Field Notes idea. For now I just keep the glassine envelopes in a box, grouped by price, but sometimes by category, such as Tranportation, Flowers, Love and Space themes.
Once a week (or sometimes more) I transfer some to my portable "postage emergency kit".

Tamra Orr

I use a plastic bead case--the ones with the multiple squares. I put them stamps in order of value. Works great!


I love everyone's organizing ideas but all my vintage and regular stamps are in a big jumble.....

Tamra Orr

Pamela, if you have some kids or little people around, you could "assign" them the job of organizing your stamps. It could be a mini-math lesson or a game for them.


I'm right up there with Pamela. I have a glassine envelope I got when I bought a sheet of stamps and I just put my stamps in it as I buy them....I'm more concerned with using them than I am with keeping them in any order;)

Scribbling Sarah

I keep my current stamps by amount, and for ones that I have lots of- forever stamps-I also organize by topic like ships, nature, states, etc. in a 3 ring binder in plastic sleeves. I don't really have my vintage ones organized because until recently I only had like two kinds. (I posted photos on my blog: http://scribblingsarah.blogspot.com/2013/01/organizing-postal-stamps.html)

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