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March 04, 2013



Well, said! I find the more times goes on the more interest in older formats of doing things come into availability: phonographs, typewriters, sewing and craft items, and brand new, too. And I don't know as I've ever received less email, than perhaps days I remember it not existing. Perhaps the "new-toy" element to online has finally drifted into using it as a tool to do the physical projects we enjoy at last. I certainly hope so!


I could just hug you so hard for saying what you did. I thank you for every word. People will write letters no matter what. Everything has a cycle. I cannot imagine my life without a fountain pen. Ball points did not kill them off. E-mail won't kill off the post office. Millions of people do not send e-mail or own computers. Making our mark is human. I leave mine on paper, online, with pens, pencils, ink, paint, pastels . . .


Totally agree, Kathy -- and well said.


I was just thinking about this with the lettermo challenge in Feb, since I was going online to update about the mail I sent out. It seemed strange and funny. But I also noticed that in my letters I would tell the recipient about websites and things to look up online. Guess it's because they're both part of daily life. I hope they can live in harmony for a long time!

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