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May 01, 2013


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Chris Purcell

Excellent handwriting, Alan!


A friend of mine back in high school would often write her notes to me in a big spiral. I'm not very good at reading upside-down so it was kind of difficult to read subtly, as I had to keep spinning the paper round and round. :) Incidentally, she had very neat but very tiny handwriting.


Jane Austen references crossed letters in "Emma," when Miss Bates tells Emma about Jane Fairfax's letter: "but, first of all, I really must, in justice to Jane, apologise for her writing so short a letter—only two pages you see—hardly two—and in general she fills the whole paper and crosses half". Fun fact!


I, too, was reminded of Jane Austen!I believe that she wrote to her sister like that.


Mrs. Duffy and I tried our hand at tracking down examples of this last year. We failed. We tried it. We did not care for it.

Joan Clarke

I used to do this while sitting in class during a lecture. I found it very easy to read what I'd written. Why I did it I have no clue.

As far as having a hard deciphering: My Mother-in-laws handwriting...the worst ever, hardly more than hen scratching.


This is fantastic. As often as I tout visual clarity for the reader and for persons with visual impairments, I am going to try this with at least one pen pal I know will appreciate it!

I was able to read Alan's letter with no problems! :D

On occasion I write notes or letters in the round and round and round you go. But the most fun was reading my first backwards/mirror letter from Miss Carollee :D.


Sounds like fun :-) watch-out! Let me coin it the "90 gram" :-)

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