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July 01, 2013


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What a fun idea! I would pick Unclutterer on the Quarterly site. Pick me please (waggling hand in the air).

Connie Rose

How to choose from all those cool possibilities? I'd go with either Unclutterer or Tina Roth Eisenberg. What am amazing thing this is, subscribing to cool stuff!


I would pick Joel Johnson. How cool would it be to get something from a ghostly grandma?


Oh I'm just torn! Clearly something travel would be right up my alley (Chris Guillebeau's "The Art of Non-Conformity" or "Wander" by Keenan Cummings & Jeremy Fisher), but I'm also curious about "Bobulate" by Liz Danzico and what Gretchen Rubin would come up with to share in an ode to her "The Happiness Project". Hmmm.... and then there's the one about art, and one about organizing, and... um, I may just need to sign up for one or two of these and go with it.


Ooh! I'm so glad you're doing these reviews! I'm always curious about subscriptions but don't want to take the chance (particularly on a gift) if I'm not too sure about it. I was also taken with Tina's package, as well as Maud Newton (and so was everyone else, apparently -- hers is sold out!)

Thanks so much for the giveaway.


Joan Clarke

What a novel idea! I loved this post. There's nothing I like better than getting a surprise in my mailbox.

I'd choose Tina Roth Eisenberg of SwissMiss Studio. I'm in the process of decluttering my life and love minimalism.


Who doesn't love getting a surprise in the mail. I think I would choose Gretchen Rubin of Teh Happiness Project!

I look forward to your reviews!


Oooh, this was a really tough choice, but I would choose Tze Chun from Uprise Art! You can't go wrong with craft kits!


I would choose Gretchen Rubin with The Happiness Project. thanks for the chance to win


I think the Travel & Adventure one looks right up my alley! I'm always on the go and looking for new 'adventures' to get into.

Can't wait to read what y'all get!

Kimmie David

Oh good lord. I didn't know stuff like this existed outside of things like lip gloss and nail polish! Danger Will Robinson!

I'm having trouble ranking my three: Mark Frauenfelder, Unclutterer, and House of Harvey, so I will just let them battle it out.


I would choose either Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project or Liz Danzico of Bobulate. I had never heard of this type of subscription service before and find the idea fascinating.


Many of the contributors looked fun, but all of the images of the packages from Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project made me smile, so I think I will choose her.


Yup, I'd have to go with Unclutterer and Liz Danzico. Funny, I was just looking into this surprise subscription services recently - have you heard of "Nicely Noted Notecards"?

Julie Merilatt

I was tempted by Unclutterer, Home & Office Organizing,
but in the end I chose Maud Newton, Writer, because I love all things bookish more than being an anal-retentive organizer.

Donovan Beeson

I just received a note from another member regarding Nicely Noted. It seems lovely and fairly priced, but unnecessary for me, as I both make cards and work in a stationery shop. However, if youre in a stationery desert, then it seems pretty dern great.

David Solomon

I would pick "Wander" by Keenan Cummings and Jeremy Fisher


Hmmm...this is a very tough decision.

I definitely would choose the Food & Home curated by Quarterly, because I love to cook and am always looking for new things for the kitchen and inspiration for new dishes.

(But I also would go for the one from Pharrell Williams because he is one of my favorite musical artists)


Oh my, a hard decision but I would choose Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project. Who wouldn't want to receive something in the mail that would lift your spirit?!!


As much of a thrill as it would be to get a package from Pharrell, I think Jesse Kornbluth sounds like he has plenty to teach me.


Jesse Kornbluth hands down.


Either the Unclutterer or Writer. I try to get organized, but the desire for books usually wins out.


I've never participated in a subscription service before, but have always been interested, so I like your product reviews. After browsing all the Quarterly options (so many cool ones, it was difficult to decide), I think I'd go with Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project. Getting a bit of happiness in the mail sounds like fun!


I would pick mule design.


My first choice was Cool Hunting, something about their approach really appealed to me.

In the end, I chose Stanford d.School/Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. And actually wound up subscribing. We'll see what the next package brings....


It seems so difficult to make a choice, but I really love Joel Johnson's dedication to his grandmother Vivian. I'm a sucker for stories from people who have lived a long, event-filled life... and I think it's incredibly touching her grandson is honoring her memory in such a way. I also love the thought behind Keenan Cummings & Jeremy Fisher's "Wander" - I suffer a bout of wanderlust quite frequently!


It was hard to choose, but I think I'd go with Poketo. Thanks for the reviews! They're really helpful!


Poketo's looks cute, but I also like Joel Johnson's, especially the story behind how he puts them together.


Jesse Kornbluth would be my first choice. I think I would also like to try the Laughing Squid... I love quirky!


I think I would choose Wander by Keenan Cummings & Jeremy Fisher. I love to travel!


Thanks for the heads up about the subscription issues on all of these...that's the primary reason i've never gotten involved in anything like this.


poketo, house of harvey (how can I not pick one where my dog would get a surprise treat!) or unclutterer may be useful for the office!

Lisa Bruno

It would be House of Harvey or Unclutterer. I'm not good at decisions:)


Thanks for doing these subscription reviews....I'm intrigued by them.

For this one, the contributor I would be most interested in must be what everyone else is interested in too -- it's sold out! Cool Hunting looks looks really cool

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