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August 28, 2013


Connie Rose

I'd never use it. Despite the wonderful cards et al, the price is exorbitant. Would much rather create my own cards, postcards and envelopes to send.

Tamra Orr

I believe I would use it if I could have any input into the theme of the cards. For example, if I never buy another birthday card and still meet 1000 new people a year, I will never run out (snicker). So I might want to request blank/generic cards, or Get Well or children's, etc. The price is a little higher than usual, but the stamps help buffer it.

Erika Katayama

I would def. use Nicely Noted. I write letters all the time, but find myself in a stationery rut pretty often. I love that the stamps come with- how clever!


I love that the art of letterpress is making a come back. This subscription club is a wonderful idea! It would make a lovely gift for a pen pal as well.


Nice idea, but I like making my own mail more.


No doubt, the cards and packaging is lovely but $18 is pretty steep. I never spend $6 for a single card, even a letterpress one. If the package had just a few more items in it, I would do it. I agree with Carmen that it would make a nice gift. I might consider that.


Like several other folks, I would be more likely to give this as a gift than as a subscription for myself, due to the price. I do often spend five or six dollars on a card, but it's for individual cards that I select.

That said, the set is charming and I'd love to win it!

Janna White

I love letterpress and don't shy away from spending a lot on a card, as long as I chose it. I would enjoy the surprise of getting to see what they sent each month, and I guess I would just have to wait and see whether their taste matched up with mine!


I think I would try it out for maybe a month or two just to add some variety to my stationery and cards arsenal, and would definitely give it as a gift.


I would love to subscribe to this! I love getting mail - especially if I can then turn around and use it to send mail! Unfortunately, I am on a student budget, so I find myself making envelopes out of photography books that I find cheap at my local used bookstore.

However, I might fork over the 18$ for this particular set, since my boyfriend is a tall ship sailor, and I send him lots of mail while he is away. I try to keep around a few nautical themed cards for him.


I think it's really cool that they include the postage with the cards they send, and I've always liked the idea of a subscription service for assorted stationery. Like some other commenters, I rarely spend $6 on a notecard ($5 tends to be my limit) and I typically only purchase more expensive cards when I have an exact recipient to send them to.

Nonetheless, this looks like a neat service, and might be worth trying once or twice, and I agree that it would be a great gift to give to someone!


I do subscribe and I love it. I typically spend between $4 and $6 on notecards, plus shipping because I don't have access to many cards locally, quite regularly, so the monthly fee is not outrageous. I look forward to seeing the selection each month, and if I get greeting cards, like birthday, that I can't use, I know many seniors who would LOVE to have such cards to send to their loved ones but would not be able to splurge.

One month there was a square notecard and Perry knew it would need the dreaded 20¢ "non-machineable" fee, and that was included. I spend lots of my own money paying postage due on other people's mail, so I'm always impressed when someone is savvy to the postal regulations.


I would subscribe to this in a heartbeat. Looks totes adorbs!


This is more than I usually spend on cards, but letterpress is is so gorgeous and it would be like getting a carefully curated present in the mail every month. I love that a variety of stamps are included and that they took care of PostMuse's extra postage on a square card; very thoughtful!

Anne Elizabeth

I love the idea of new stationery to look forward to each month! It also seems like a good way to learn about new stationery makers. I'm subscribing now :)

Happy Day Mail

Elegant cards for sure, but I would not spend $6 a card. I would have to pass on this subscription.


I would love to try nicely noted!

Dave Miles

Most of the cards are beautiful and fun! I love it. I think I'd be more apt to purchase the ones I liked than to leave it up to chance each month.


I love letterpress, but $18 seems steep for what you get in the package. The cards are lovely, though...

In my hand

I love the cards. I think it is a every nice "gift" idea to give a person. I REALLY like the idea of that. The stamps come with it is so fun. Perfect gift that might encourage someone to become a letter writer.


I'm sure I would love these cards but the price is just a little steep for me right now. I have just started using fountain pens to write my letters and I was told letterpress was "pen-friendly". There is a small company in Maine that does this type of card as well as stationery sheets.

Ciara Barsotti

Super cute cards! Love the included postage too... Very nice. :)


Like many other commenter, I like these particular cards and love letterpress in general, but the price would be a minus for me. I'm lucky enough to live near two stores I can think of where I can pick out three letterpress cards myself for a smaller total price. I do love that you can learn about the artists and that they include stamps - and not boring stamps, and not stamps of the same kind!

Bethany Lee

Seems like Nicely Noted is a fun package to receive! I love that they send stamps along with the note cards! USS Friendship = love!


Super beautiful cards!! I love the nautical theme of these three. I might use Nicely Noted just for some fun surprise mail but it does seem a bit on the pricey side.


I would definitely look into using them in the future. As for the fee, I'm totally fine with it. I'm in the handmade business and understand and appreciate what it takes to produce a handmade/pressed item. There's materials, time and talent to be paid for...and I don't have to debate what to choose at the huge stationery store? Score! By supporting a program like this that works with 'the little guy' you are also helping that 'little guy' to continue his/her business. 2 thumbs up from this girl. Viva handmade! Viva mail!

Chess V

I'd buy one for a penpal! I think it would make a lovely gift! I would also consider it for myself, I feel like I should want to support local letter- and card-makers. those stamps are also quite nice (:


it's a cool idea, and i'm considering subscribing. $18 seems high, but $6 per card doesn't seem high which is weird to me. the psychology of shopping is so strange!

i don't buy notecards all that often, but when i do, $5 plus tax is pretty normal. so $6 (with a stamp!) is really pretty much the same.

Allison W

As I philatelist, I love idea to include postage with the cards! Some many subscription boxes.....ahhh!!! So tempted! :)

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