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August 07, 2013


Lisa M

I know people who don't check their mailbox for DAYS! One woman was complaining that she did not get an invite to a party we were all attending. A good friend of hers, knowing her habit, suggested she check her mail box. The invite was there. Sometimes, people are a lot of work.

Connie Rose

I agree -- more people making a profit off other people's laziness and stupidity. Personally I've made it a point over the years to get OFF mailing lists I don't want to be on. I haven't gotten junk mail in a long time -- and if I do, I'll take care the problem immediately.


I don't get it either. Their web site shows screenshots of personal mail, like cards and invitations, so it's just not going through bills and business mail. I don't understand letting someone else go through your private correspondence, especially just for supposed "convenience".

However, could you imagine the job of opening someone else's mail and scanning it? Juicy! ;)

Maybe the USPS could offer something like this though. They're already photocopying the outside of all mail, in the name of national security, so just pay them to open and scan it. :P


Absolutely not a service I would ever use! This takes all the fun out of checking mail, which I do every day (well, except Sunday).

The only way I could see this being useful is if someone has a PO Box and it's hard for them to get to it.

Do they actually open the mail, or just scan the outside?

Donovan Beeson

I believe they open it. And for a keyed mailbox, they ask that you send them a photograph of your key from which they will make a copy.

Jane B.

I don't get this either! I LOVE hearing the thunk of by mailbox lid when Mail Carrier Steve stops by. And then the anticipation of checking to see if there is anything *personal* or beautiful or fun nestled in between the bills and promotional items. It's waaaay more fun to check my mailbox than it is to check by inbox. People are weird.

Joan Clarke

Opening my mail??? Scanning it? UH, NO! This is like letting anyone have access to too much private info...the gov't is already doing that in the name of Homeland Security, the biggest farce in the history of the Constitution! No thanks.


I would like this service if I were traveling a lot. But I'd want to keep all my mail -- even the junk. But it would be nice to be able to keep up with my correspondence even if the letter was thousands of miles away.

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