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August 19, 2013



Wow, that's really interesting! Thanks for sharing!


This is really cool. I hadn't heard of these before. Thanks for sharing.


Yes ma'am, it's a soldier thing. Just like the V mail letters that U.S. Sent home, during WW2.


I realize that I'm resurrecting a fairly old post and I don't know if anybody reads the comments this long after the fact, but what the heck:

Where would the stamps go on this kind of letter? I just did a test fold of a standard letter-sized sheet, and was honestly pretty happy about how relatively easy it was (I don't have what you'd call epic dexterity), how well it seems to hold itself together once folded, and how much room there is on it for writing an address so long as you take a little care. But I don't know where you can fit the First Class and extra-handling stamps.


Aha, answered my own question. First, there's a lot more room on the folded letter than I was giving it credit for. Also, I forgot that there's a single nonmachinable surcharge stamp that accounts for the extra postage necessary, so you don't need a first-class and a separate surcharge stamp. (You may or my not be able to tell that I'm sort of new to sending letters through the mail on a regular basis.)

Donovan Beeson

Im listening. I have a pen pal who sends letters like this on the regular. He often puts the stamps just along one side of the triangle.

Donovan Beeson

Just glad youre enjoying it!


Since my first post, I've had a successful test. One of the articles likened the triangular folding method to what you'd do to pass notes in class, and it occurred to me that I should do that with my Valentine's Day letter to my wife. I mean, granted, we've been married for 23 years now, but if you can't pass your sweetie a note on Valentine's Day, what's the point?

So, got a sheet of notebook paper, penned my missive, folded it, addressed it, got the non-machinable surcharge stamp on it, and dropped it in the mailbox. (I confess that I chickened out and folded a small sticker over the unfolding end, just to make sure it stayed secure in transit.)

Arrived with no problem; they didn't even cancel the stamp, so I'm not sure if it may have been well-formed enough to be *routed* automatically, but not *cancelled* automatically. But, after one successful test, I'm likely to do it again, and I'll be sure to take notes.

Donovan Beeson

Great work Joe!

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