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September 13, 2013



That is a great idea, but definitely takes some time. I think what I would do differently store my digitized copies on an external hard drive instead of on CDs for personal use.


What a great set of stories and recommendations for preserving correspondence. I would add a few more notes to Step #4. In addition to storing them somewhere removed from the originals, it's a good idea to keep valuable digital documents on a variety of storage media. A sturdy archival trio could involve saving on CDs + saving on an external hard drive + saving to the cloud.

It's also important to actively manage your collection over time, to be sure it's all still there and readable by whatever new technologies come along. The Library of Congress has a great set of guides to personal digital archiving at http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/personalarchiving/ and information on the longevity and deterioration of CDs at http://www.loc.gov/preservation/about/faqs/audio.html#cddvd .

Scribbling Sarah

I totally agree with this. I had some letters/cards stored and they got mice in them, in addition to the clean issue, I"m allergic to mice, so I'm working to digitize those, but I really should do my current stuff, too, before something happens to them, too!


Single digit LWA member! As in 000008 or something?
I was pretty happy to be 000216 or something like that.


Christine makes a good point. Remember floppy disks, and realize that digital formats are not necessarily more long-lasting than paper. I think it is a great idea to digitize correspondence, though. Just be sure to keep your archive accessible over time.

Rudy Douglas

Amazing what technology can do these days. Even documents of long ago can be digitized and made into newer and clearer versions. This is just perfect to keep special memories from the past.


Since I am moving back to France, I prefer to not have to purchase a scanner to digitize my letters and cards. Which companies can do this task for a reasonable fee? Thanks, Anne

Donovan Beeson

Im sorry. I dont know. If you find a good one, share the news!

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