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December 30, 2013



I actually am looking forward to the 20-cent Lincoln Memorial. It will be a nice companion to the 20-cent George Washington portrait, which I love. :)


Ugh...enough with the flowers! I don't hate the LOVE stamp, but it's pretty underwhelming.

Blah...the USPS can learn a few lessons from Japan. Their stamps are always exciting ;)

Lisa Ridolfi

US stamps in general lack the strong graphic quality that makes for a good stamp design. Our designers seem get caught up in details that get lost at small sizes.


Yawn! The only ones I'm slightly interest in are the Chinese New Year stamps, but these don't look quite as good as the prior dragon ones.

I agree with Lisa about the graphic quality of the stamps though. A lot of the stamps looked great in the online previews, but the actual stamps just weren't as good in quality. I think it was partly print quality, but also that they were scaled down from larger designs. Doing that takes a lot of skill to make them work at such a small size, and I don't think they really succeeded.

What I would love the post office to do is offer some of the older engraved, textured stamps they used to print many years ago. I really love those stamps, almost regardless of the design, but only a few countries still print some in that fashion.


I agree with CMN (the Lincoln Memorial definitive looks like it could be a nice stamp) and Valerie (engraved stamps rock). Overall, though, I agree with this post; the designs released so far just aren't all that appealing to me, especially the computer generated flowers. Bleh! Look forward to seeing what other stamps the USPS may have planned for this year.


I love the heart stamp!


I'm into the hummingbird! I like the color pallette and the design. The Lincoln one looks pretty good, and I agree with CMN that it compliments the Washington one that's already out.

But yeah, overall... hopeful for some good surprises along the way.

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