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December 09, 2013



Oh my goodness these are GREAT!
My favorite post office is the one I grew up with, down the street from my home. I traveled a lot though study abroad exchanges in school and then after graduation by teaching English abroad and the post office attendants started asking about my whereabouts and well being whenever my mom would arrive to send something. Whenever I'd come home I'd stop in to say hi. My hometown isn't small but it was great recognizing the sense of community fostered by the USPS.


Oooh!! I feel like I live in the luckiest place because I'm just a 25 minute drive from the second smallest post office in America!
I'm sure it's the cutest PO in the world!!


Geri Canzler, the postmaster won't let you go without a chat and a scratch behind the ear of her dog Buster. But perhaps the best thing is that the 100 square foot space is too small for a cancellation machine so every piece of mail is hand cancelled!! Please come to Oregon and buy some stamps from Geri!!


I love, love, love the downtown post office location of my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. It was built in the '30s, and it's truly beautiful. Because only about 20% of the building is in use, USPS is considering moving out depending on whether they can find another location nearby and whether a suitable use for the historic building can be determined. I hope it will always be preserved and open to the public!

Joan Clarke

The state I live in (NV) has many remote little towns with tiny Post Offices. One of my favorites is in the beautiful Fish Lake Valley, Dyer, NV. population: 259.

Janna White

I love both of the post offices in my life -- one down the street from my house, and the other down the street from my office. The one near the office has a post office-themed teddy bear that is a nice counterpoint to the grouchy but excessively competent staff.


I love the post office in my hometown of Monterey, California. It's located in a beautiful old building and is within walking distance of the library and my favorite bakery in town!

Rachel Reeves

These are wonderful!
My favorite post office is a small one, in Long Beach, on Viking Way. It's small and not on a major street so it's a bit hidden. This always works for me as I'm able to walk in, with a bunch of letters and packages and know that I won't have to wait for an hour. They even give me girls little origami cranes that one of the employees makes!
It's lovely there.


A second vote for Bridal Veil! I love it so much I even have a picture of it on the wall of my college dorm room.

I also drove past a tiny OCTAGONAL post office in Liberty, Maine this summer, but was disappointed to find on my return that it was no longer a post office and is now a museum instead. Next time I am there I will definitely be visiting the museum.

Karl Fry

One of my fav small PO is Metamora, IN 47030. Always nice and in a small canal town. I have more but this one is great.


Great giveaway! I'm not sure if I have a very favorite post office, but I quite like the one near my workplace, in downtown San Jose, CA. It's old and gorgeous. I like to look up while I wait in line. The beams are carved and lovely. And the people are all very nice -- I often run into one of the workers when I'm dashing from my office to court in the morning, and he's so friendly!


Oooooo! My favorite PO! Well, it's neither tiny not architecturally significant, but... The clerks know me by sight (if not by name), and they always have a smile and an interesting postal tale or bit of lore to share. And really, that's what makes it my favorite: the positive experience!

Leah Sawkins

My favourite post office is my local. Down in Bunbury, we don't have any culturally/architecturally significant PO's, but it is tiny! It's in a little corner of the newsagent in the local shopping centre & the lady that works there knows me by name & always lets me know when postage is going up or any other changes that occur :O)


I visit every post museum I can get my hands on, most of which are active post offices! My favorite by far was in Dublin! I like that it confirms the central place post offices should have in history!


my favorite is a local one about 5 miles away. they have a bulletin board/display case showing all the available stamps (so I always feel like I'm shopping when I pick out stamps!) and an ever changing display in the lobby with seasonal first day covers. all the workers are super friendly and helpful and are always happy to hand cancel my letters for me!

Jane B.

My favorite post office is the one Downtown Charlottesville. And actually it's one of the postal workers who makes it so. She always greets me with a smile and makes it a personal transaction -- like she's as glad to see me as I am to be there sending Letters!


My favorite post office was also my first - the tiny one in Annville, PA where the postman knew my name!

Leah Fox

My favorite post office is 89 Bridge Square, Northfield, Minnesota, in the town where I went to College. It's a beautiful, old stone building, and everyone there is exceptionally nice - I think it's a Midwest thing.


My favorite P.O. is my local branch, Fleming Island, FL 32003. Always pleasant, never super long lines. They also stay up-to-date on new stamp releases so there's always some good postage to purchase. :)


These are delightful! My favorite PO office is in Lockport Illinois. They give you complete info on different mailing options, unlike another one near my home where they only tell you the most expensive ones! It's a small-town PO, just like the ones on these cards.

amanda z

Middletown Springs, VT because it's in a cool old house with character AND my friendly local postmistress obliged requests for particular stamps.


My favorite post office is the one I walk to from home. It's nothing special but the same two people are always working and always friendly. Cincinnati, 45230


I don't really have a favorite post office in the Philly, because none are located in old or original buildings. The old post office headquarters now houses the IRS. But, there is a wonderful post office out in Schwenksville, PA where my grandparents live. The woman who works there has known our family for the longest time, and no matter how long in between visits, she always remembers who we are and asks how things are.


Ochopee Post office in Florida. This is my favorite because I have actually been there and have a picture with me next to it.


The post office in Placentia, NFL where my Grandmother walks to get her mail every day.


Very cute! My favorite post office is in my current hometown, Monmouth, IL. It's down the street and the staff are always friendly. I think that they are excited to see my decorated incoming mail as I am sometimes!


My favorite post office is the tiny one in Wilder, TN... there's a pic at this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/postoffices/9138737966/

Sarah Bee

My favorite small town post office is in Cane Hill, AR our pre-civil war house (now shared by our family as a vacation home)is right up the road!

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