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March 21, 2014



Those boxes make me want to go out and mail something right now! If something like this will help bring in money to the USPS, both through the corporate sponsorship and by getting people excited to mail more things, I'm all for it. I can see where you would have concerns about the way this would be implemented in the future, but aren't there already some stamps that could be seen as advertisements/ promotion? For example, the Disney/ Pixar and Harry Potter Stamps.
However, I would hope that USPS has restrictions in place as to what could be used for direct advertisements (if it ever comes to that), especially postmarks and stamps.

Matt Thompson

I appreciate your astute commentary about the potentially sinister aspects of corporate sponsorship of the USPS.

However, I find the arrangement Amazon recently made wherein the Postal Service will deliver Amazon products on Sundays to be far more alarming. In my view, this amounts to a private commercial entity hiring a government organization. That gives me greater concern than a seemingly innocuous superhero tie-in. And as Nicolle notes, the Postal Service has already been doing this for years with stamps.


I came here just to remark on exactly what Nicolle pointed out, that the Pixar stamps especially are just a big advertisement. Spiderman boxes make me feel "meh," and like Matt, I'm way more alarmed by the Amazon Sunday delivery business.

Alan B

Amazon can afford to buy the USPS one day a week with all the money they save by dodging taxes.

At one time in Belgium stamps came with an atttached tab saying "Do not deliver on Sunday". If Sunday delivery did not offend your religious observance you could remove it.


I'm okay with tie-ins like this, because I'm a huge fan of the USPS making money (and it seems unlikely that they would've agreed to do this for free) but I, too, am troubled by what Matt points out.

I'm not a huge Priority Mail person (I prefer my boxes wrapped in brown paper and tied with string—yes, I am that silly) but I do like this tie in.


I think that the Post Office is struggling for money, especially since the Government said they could not close on Saturdays, that they are looking for it other places. I'd much rather they make tie-ins like this (on boxes you get free, that cost the USPS to manufacture them, and a LOT of people take advantage of the free supplies to use for things other than actually mailing products) than make us pay higher prices -- and they could always make us pay for the boxes themselves.
I went nuts buying Harry Potter stamps when they came out because I LOVE THEM, so this kind of thing does not bother me much, especially if it helps bring in money to the USPS and helps stave off the next price raise--or, God forbid, deregulation and privatization of the post office.

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