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June 13, 2014


Kristi M

I love to send postcards, so that would be the number one thing that I would love to receive in a paper pack. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

Laura B

I send tons of birthday cards and am always on the lookout for options that are a little special/ interersting/ different to add to my stash!


My favorite paper pack would include a cool stamp (maybe mail-themed, or just a flower or sailboat or sun to add some happiness to an envelope), and of course paper! I think it would be fun if it was edged with pressed flowers.


I think my favorite paper pack would have some correspondence cards in it. I find them constantly useful for sending out short notes to let someone know I am thinking of them.


Japanese paper, paper flowers, envelopes of different colors and some of that sparkly paper from Wisconsin.


Correspondence cards. I use them for everything.


Thanks for this chance. Anything with mailbox images or phone images would be great.

Jane B.

There are two things I would love in a paper pack: 1) rounded corner correspondence cards with gold edges (oh, so elegant!); and 2) some cool "mail|envelope|stamp" rubber stamp. I love using my rubber stamps when I send letters. Makes them so fun and personalized.


Definitely a rubber stamp and washi tape. Stickers would be neat too. Those envelope templates from the June pack are the cooles though.


I would love some vintage style paper... square in shape, bright colors with a groovy flower border. Great giveaway, thanks for offering it!


Postcards! They are my favorite way to correspond :) Thanks for the opportunity! :)

Erika Katayama

"Just because" cards are the best, good for anytime!


I would love anything that is punny... :)

Nicole Carnes

I'm a sucker for all things red, white and blue and airmail themed! I also love anything vintage-y.


I think a disposable fountain pen would be delightful with one of the paper packs.

Cindy R.

Personally, I would love some lined stationery sheets with matching envelopes to send letters. Although after reading the other comments, the rubber stamp idea sounds nice too. Thanks for the info about Neatography. I tried one paper subscription service and didn't like it (you reviewed it later and it was exactly how I felt). This one sounds much better!


I love crisp, clean designs. So simple notecards with a stamped image or letterpress art would be wonderful.


I love all kinds of paper - postcards, notecards, stationery sheets - I use them all. Thank you for the giveaway!


I love letterpress...and interesting envelopes of all kinds. Anything vintage, or unusual or foreign. I Just love paper and anything to make my mail more interesting!


I would love different combinations of cool stamps for international mailing. Also, an interesting pen, or a pen in a different color would be fun!


A perfect paper pack for me would contain envies with any sort of mail theme, paper that is fountain pen friendly. I just love paper/envelopes/inks/ anything to do with writing or mail.


I would love any vintage paper, envelopes, ephemera & washi tape. Cool ideas!!!

Kristina K

rubber stamps, vintage (looking or real) stationery, really anything would make my day. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

Happy Day Mail

Vintage looking items (or real); anything to do with air mail or mailboxes or postal cancellation marks. A great giveaway...thanks for the chance to win!

David Solomon

Vintage, weathered, and aged paper is always good....weather it's old stationary or paper with garish colors.

David Solomon

"whether" not "weather"


Last holiday season I saw a package being sold that included 52 thank you cards and a journal for recording the thanks you sent out. It made me think of the power of the thank you note. I made a new years resolution to send out thanks as often as possible. So, I think all paper packs ought to include some Thank you cards. Also something groovy to embellish the envelope.


I love themed paper packs, especially those that contain a little extra in addition to the paper - such as a rubber stamp, stickers, wax, etc. and nice packaging - sometimes it's all about the presentation.


I really like pretty graphics and small booklets. Cool letterpressing is always a plus! And vintagey things are also cool.

Mary Kate

Something with a fun mail theme like the LWA pigeon post. Airship mail would be cool for all of us steampunks. Anything Halloween themed would be awesome too!


I would like a bit of something random for mail art. For example, pressed flowers, or vintage ephemera.


This is a very cool link to happy mail
! I think you'll love it!


I love themes too! I would have dog or cat themed paper package because about half of my letters revolve around my pets :)


Wow, this is great information! I will definitely keep this feedback in mind with future curations. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, Donovan!


I'd love to see old/used postage stamps in a paper pack - really, vintage ephemera of any kind!


Weird labels. I use labels all the time on mailart and I'm always excited when I see some new design. I just found in a second hand shop a bunch of labels to put on floppy disks!!


Favorite paper pack: interesting cards with matching (size-wise) envelopes!

Randi S

Labels, vintage graphics, ledger paper, just to name a few!

Phillip Lerche

Masculine correspondence cards!


I always have enough cards and envelopes but I'm looking for nice sheets of stationary and stickers. My letters tend to run long and any stationary set that allows one or two sheets per envelope leaves me with a pile of unused envelopes in the end.

Rubber stamps or unusual postage stamps (not ones I can just go to the post office and pick up) would be awesome as well.


Postcards, postcards, postcards. I need postcards to feed my Postcrossing habit. :-) Of course, I also love decorative writing paper and stickers.

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