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November 09, 2016



Having just joined the L.W.A. recently, I'm only now going back through the blog. Due to my recent increased interest in writing letters (due to you guys), I myself recently re-read _Going Postal_, and was thinking about sending you a copy in case you hadn't read it. I suppose I should have known better. =)

I love the book, as I love all of Pratchett's work. I enjoyed the postal system parts (especially the accelerated invention of perforated stamps), of course, but also really loved all the parts about the clacks. I've been in computers for quite some time (I entered college in 1988 to study Computer Science), and so much of the lore surrounding the clacks reads like the legends you can find in The Jargon File. It's been a long time since computers had that tinge of magic around them (my career has been in IT, and if we're being honest, after working with them daily for 25 years, computers at this point feel about as magical as a septic tank), and it was wonderful to have a chance to relive it.

In the highly unlikely event you haven't found them, I recommend to you The Discworld Emporium (www.discworldemporium.com). They were the folks who designed the stamps featured in _Going Postal_ -- and they sell them (along with literally dozens of others). Indeed, for their efforts, Pratchett appointed them as an official branch of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. The set of all the _Going Postal_ stamps is only £8 (though you may well pay that much again for shipping from the UK). (You mentioned that you knew that they were produced, but it didn't seem that you were aware that you could still get them without selling a major organ to finance it.)

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