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January 09, 2017



A+++ would mail art with Donovan again


Indeed, putting wackily-festooned mail inside another envelope does defeat the purpose. Honestly, so long as the address is clear and the postage in the right place, it never occurred to me that other embellishments were a problem -- good thing, too, as heavens to Betsy, have I done some strange things with envelopes.

Many years ago, when I were but a lad and only just courting the woman who has been my wife now for over 20 years, the "standard" stamp (that is, the stamp you got if you just said "one book of stamps, please") had a duck's head on it. I had written a letter to my sweetie and put one of those duck-head stamps on the envelope, and it had seemed somehow insufficient. So, I immediately sketched in an aquatic dragon underneath it, across the entire front of the envelope. In the lower left hand corner, I wrote "things aren't always as they seem". She was as delighted to find it in her mailbox as I was to send it, and it remains a cherished memory.

Also, I like to think that this sort of thing brings an occasional smile to the face of a hard-working postal worker, and that's all to the good.

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