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July 14, 2017


Sarah F

Will be participating. Just joined LWA and LOVE the Stamp Out Hate actions!


Nice job, ladies!


I understand the man's fears. We should listen to him because he needs to be heard and understood, and his fears should be addressed. We should learn WHY he feels the way he does. It doesn't matter who we are, how progressive and enlightened we think we are, if someone from another culture enters our home it causes stress all around. We either bend over backward trying to make them feel welcome, or we make fools of ourselves worrying about what cues we might miss in communicating or trying to understand each other. Will they assimilate or must we change our ways to accommodate theirs? We have had such guests on our home, and did not exhale until they left. Our friendship did not withstand the month long visit.

Fear makes fools of us all. Just because Cezik is Muslim in a country founded by non-Muslims does not make her privileged. She lives in a country created by people who are different from her. Am I wrong in my understanding that she was a member of a socialist party? Socialism bothers people in America so why isn't it okay to bother people in other countries?

Marginalized women and children. How I long for a visit with you ladies. I'd love to discuss the woman who dared walk down a deserted street in a Saudi village (?) wearing a mini skirt and a cropped top, and how she is so "marginalized" she could be tried and convicted, and sentenced to what? Death by stoning? A woman marginalized in her "own country" like African American women have been marginalized and still are . . . I give you credit for having your fingers on the pulse of an arhythmic world that still keeps most women "in their place." It wasn't so long ago that American women got the vote, and they wanted it BEFORE Black men.

Soldier on. Keep us informed. I'll add my letters to the stream.

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