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September 11, 2017


Terri Beth

I *love* this. :)
And now I want to try.


Oh wow this is beautiful! What a great idea! My LWA penpal and I exchanged letters in a mini-notebook once and that was fun. Even better when you are married and it is a shared notebook.


During a time, a friend and I were also writing letters on a notebook and sending it back and forth. He also wrote poems, and I stuck pictures. And now I don't remember who keeps the notebook...

Glad to have inspired your post! :D


In middle school, one of my best friends moved away, so I filled an entire notebook and sent it to her (I never got one in return, but she wasn't a letter writing person). Also, in high school I had what I called "memory books," which I carried around every day with me to every class. It was like passing notes, except we'd pass the book around. I still have them - I think there are 8 total!


I have been swapping notebook letters with a friend for the last four years or so. It has been a lot of fun. The postal risk is real-our original book was lost in the mail a couple of years ago. Sometimes we stick in pictures or use rubber stamps and it is a great way to use up washi tape in decorating pages. It is nice to have the last letter written as reference when it is your turn to write.


YES! I have notebook letters going with several dear friends. Each notebook is it's own conversation, outside of normal postal obligations. So we still send cards and letters and random notes, depending on whatever is happening in life. The notebooks seem to be saved for more thoughtful or meaningful moments. So sometimes one will go back/forth quickly, and sometimes they sit for six or seven months until the current holder feels inspired to use it. I recently had one of the notebooks and had to laugh -- only 2 entries in all of 2016. Ooops. But we all really love them. It's a wonderful time capsule of each friendship. We've never lost one in the mail, but I don't think I've yet ended up with a finished notebook. LOL!

Joe F.

Very neat. Alas, the pen pal I exchange the most correspondence with is in Scotland, and I don't know if I want to drain our stationery budgets shuttling a big honkin' book back and forth across the Atlantic.

On the other hand, we could possibly go with a softcover A5 or A6-sized notebook, if we could agree on a paper. (She's very much a Rhodia dot-grid person; I lean towards Tomoe River with a guide sheet.) Hm. Maybe we can find some common ground in an Apica notebook with graph paper? Definitely worth trying.


I once participated in a book discussion project that linked high school students with older adults. We would both read the same book, and exchange comments in a spiral notebook that could be dropped off and picked up in the school office. I was in this project for two years. The first year, I was matched with a student who had a lot to say and an interest in what I said in return, so we filled a notebook and had a great time. We made a photocopy of the whole notebook at the end of the project, so that we'd each get one to keep. The second year, the student I partnered with kept forgetting to turn in the notebook for weeks at a time, and writing only a single sentence, so that year the project rather fell flat. But it was great fun that first year.


I remember being in a live journal community where you could get on a list for a traveling notebook. Someone in the community would become the keeper of the info (trusting strangers on the internet with your contact information!) and would email or message you who you needed to send the book to after you received it. The books were typically themed in some way. Once you received the book, you'd notify the community, fill in your page or two and then mail it on to the next person. It was always fun seeing what the previous people had contributed


This sounds wonderfully fun! I would love doing this.


In high school one of my closest friends and I exchanged a letter notebook back and forth. We were both dealing with rough home lives and it was s great release for us, allowing us to share in each others' burdens!

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