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Tuesday, April 10, 2012



I've got the Knitpicks nickel-plated set, and I love it. The only reason it doesn't go down below a US 4 is the size of the screw for the join - they literally can't make it any smaller. I just bought a series of fixed-cord circulars in the smaller sizes, and it's worked perfectly for me. I don't use anything else. They have a great weight and just the right grab for all types of yarn, and I've never had any problems with them breaking or coming undone in the midst of my knitting (unlike with the Denise acrylic interchangeable set I used to use). My only complaint is that the ends aren't pointy enough for lace-knitting, so if that's what you're looking for I would suggest the Addi set.

In the metal, at least, I understand that the Knitpicks and the Knitter's Pride are manufactured by the same company, and have the same quality/feel. But I'm not sure about the wooden ones.


I'm with Caitlin above and have the same set, the nickle-plated KnitPicks. It's a very popular set. I personally don't really care for Addi needles and their joins even though some people rave about them, and I love the KnitPicks ones. It's so convenient to have an entire set. You can get as many extra tips or cables as you need (because you may find you need 2 projects on size 6 needles).

I don't really like the wood tips but those who prefer the bit of grab with bamboo needles tend to like them, I think. I prefer metal needles.


I was given a Denise set as a gift when I first started knitting. I don't think I would have bought one for myself. I originally used it for doing gauge swatches, then I'd buy needles in the size I needed. I have had the needles come unjoined from the cord too many times to feel confident in knitting a whole project on them.


I have the Harmony Wood set from KnitPicks and LOVE it. I had the Denise set a few years back, but I wasn't crazy about the needles - the plastic ones I had would snag on the yarn occasionally. The Harmony Wood is nice and slick, but not quite as slippery as the nickel set, which is perfect for me and my novice knitting skills. I think it might be considered similar to bamboo needles. Plus, the swirly colors are super pretty, which makes me oddly happy.


I have DP Symfonie needles, which are the multi-coloured wooden ones. I'm looking to get interchangable ones in the future for a jumper, for now I will say that Symfonie needles are excellent. They're not only beautiful but they combine the flexibility of wood with the durability of metal, without that annoying slipping I always get with metal needles.

Indulge in the Symfonies. They're beautiful additiona to your kit.



I'm in almost complete agreement with Caitlin above, except that I think the KnitPicks are plenty pointy. I used to use Addis (the regular kind, not the special lace ones), but I grew to hate their dull, blunt points. For me, the nickel-plated KnitPicks needles are exactly pointy enough. It was absolutely worth it to invest in the interchangeable set.


Hey, did you know that this current issue of Vogue Knitting has an article on the history of circular needles? I just read it this morning, probably while you were posting this! Crazy.

I don't have the set but I also am considering taking the plunge. Remember $90 is much cheaper that buying all the sizes and lengths you'll eventually use separately. Especially you, you're rather prolific I think :)


I have the Harmony set, and honestly, I wish I'd gone with a different set, as nearly every pattern I've wanted to make (hats, mitts, socks, scarves) have called for needles that weren't included in the set - or for shorter cables than are available.

If the majority of your work is done on circular needles in the medium sizes, it's probably a good investment. I feel like I would've been better served just picking up what I needed as I needed it, though.


HiyaHiya interchangeables go down to size 2.

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