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12 March 2014


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http://16sparrows.typepad.com/grandmaclub/2014/03/grannies-play-bridge.htmlFrom a Great Grandma who still plays bridge -- well, I was delighted to come across this website and will post it on my blog at http://bridgetable.net to inspire copycats.

Happens to be my bucketlist "cause" to turn people on to sociable bridge if they want to reach 90, like me, dementia-free. The way you're doing it is exactly what I recommend rather than going to the ACBL right off. That way turns OFF too many people before they ever get turned on. Out of your four or eight, I imagine 1 or 2 have the DNA of a competitive player and at some point may move on up to duplicate bridge. In either case you're guaranteed a circle of acquaintances and friends you CAN'T OUTLIVE.

maggy simony

I just found your blog by accident and will try to catch up on all the postings. It certainly looks a great blog to follow, but for some reason the subscribe button doesn`t work for me. It comes up as being unable to display. Shame there isn`t a follow button on your blog. I`d love to join this granny`s club!

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