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February 01, 2010



It does mention the other towns and some more that you don't have listed. The suggested date in you live in the US is Feb 9th not 4th.


I listed the 4th because we are an international organization. And, you're right that they mention the names, but they don't give the postmaster information. I just felt everyone could use some love!


Forgot to mention thanks. I think i will give this a try this year thanks alot for listing this!

Ashley B

Cool! I wonder if I can convince my partner to mail my Valentine to me (even though we live together...)


So I guess you put all your Valentines in one envelope and mail to the postmaster? Of course, you'd have to put the stamps on first. Interesting idea. I like it!


If you look under local news and click on Florida, there is an article "Love is in the Air..." which lists tons of tons that have love-themed names. Also, check out the article,"Rediscover the Quiet Delight of Letters." It is interesting endorsement of letter-writing.


I meant to write "tons of towns" not tons of tons!


In the USPS press release from 2009 they state that the commonwealth of Virginia has designated every February 14th as "Valentines, Virginia Day" so I guess they're participating in the remailing! There's also Valentine, TX where they've been participating since 1983.

Can you have something postmarked and then send it at a later date? Because I would get a bunch of envelopes postmarked if I could! Do you have to send one stamped envelope per outer envelope or could I put a bunch of stamped envelopes in one bigger outer envelope?


In answer to your first question, no, I don't think so because they are re-mailing them for you from there. For your second question, I would think that would be fine as long as you put the right amount of postage on the large outer envelope. I designate you as our research person. Let me know if you try it out!


Donovan, I'm on the case! After doing a little research, I found that a person can go to the P.O. and "hand cancel" her letters in order to get the special postmarks. With "tons of towns" with romantic names-- hopefully--there will be a town in the vicinity of some of the letter-writers out there interested in the special postmarks. I would definitely call the P.O. first because it seems some only offer these special postmarks from Valentine's through the wedding season.

As for my other question, I'll probably send two letters in one envelope and see how that goes. I'll let you know my results.


Last year, I send about 6-7 stamped cards in one big envelope to Valentine, TX. I think I mailed them on the 5th of February. They all made it in time with a wonderful postmark just like the one in your picture. This year I am trying Loving, TX to see what their postmark looks like.


This is so neat! I have never heard of it, I think I am going send some to Valentine, TX. Can't wait to find out of they make it.


are there any other remailing programs that you know of that aren't love related? I think they used to have one for Hell but I'm not finding the specific info

Kathy Zadrozny

It seems you are fully investigating the blog on this. As far as I know, you can send your mail anywhere in the US, attention the Postmaster, for re-mailing.

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