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November 25, 2011



IRC has always meant internet relay chat to me. :) I learn something new every single day. Thanks for contributing to my continuing education.


Um, the IRCs look so cool! I've never received one, but now that I've seen them, I just have to ask... have you been saving a few so that you're assembling a collection of different countries? I know I would! LOL


Be nice to the postal clerk, not many know what these are. My post office stopped stocking them 3 years ago. And they are very collectable. Check ebay and see how many are listed from all kinds of places and many ages.


Hi there! I'm new to this, so forgive my rather stupid questions. If I send an envelope that includes an envelope B with IRC and the reciever wants to send me this letter B with IRC back to me, does it mean that the reciever has to go to the post office and change the IRC for stamps or the post office workers do that somehow automatically? I know this last version sounds pretty wrong, but I mean, IRC's are used to get autographs from celebrities, but I really doubt that any celebrity bothers going to the post office to get me the right stamps... I'm confused... And is it possible, that some post offices sell stamps of foreign countries?


Hey Sandra,
Post offices only sell stamps for their own country. An IRC allows you to purchase a coupon in your country that you can send to the other country which the recipient can then turn in at that country's post office for the equivalent amount of stamps in their denomination. You just have to turn it in at the counter and collect your stamps. It's the international answer to a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. As to whether or not celebrities go to the post office, I couldn't say, but that's how it works.




This is the coolest things I've ever heard of.

Marjorie Norris

Thanks for that.

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