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October 22, 2012



The 32-cent Borlaff as Frankenstein stamp from the movie monsters series. A mail art party--such bliss! Thank you!


I'm partial to the 32-cent Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera stamp. But I also love the E. A. Poe stamp. Your mail-art party looks like fun!

Randi S

I didn't know there were Halloween-oriented stamps. Thank you for this post. A Friend and I have been tossing around an idea to do something just like this. Looks like so much fun!

Cathy Stewart

Thanks for the inspiring post! Been thinking about wanting to host such a party myself.... My favorite Halloween stamp (though prob not intended to be one by our usps friends) is the 37 cent BAT Series!! They are creepy and cool!

Barb Aschenbrenner

Another great inspiration from LWA! Thanks for sharing. My fav Halloween postage stamp is the .32 Alfred Hitchcock. It has a small die cut silhouette of him. This Sunday we're hosting a Hitchcock movie fest at our house - Psycho and The Birds are on the agenda.


What a great way to spend time with friends, technology-free! I don't know of any Halloween stamps off the top of my head, but these Roald Dahl stamps from this year would work for me. http://www.philatelicdatabase.com/topicals-thematics/roald-dahl-celebrated-on-royal-mails-stamps-10th-january-2012/
The Witches was a pretty creepy book!

Elizabeth J.

I like the Poe stamps - I bought several sheets when they came out and I was sad when they were all gone. Though I've never seen the sleepy hollow ones - those would be awesome.

Gini Cooper

So hard to decide between the bat and Poe, but animals usually win out for me. I love Halloween best too, so should be a blast to win a bag of spookiness. Thanks!


I just received and mailed out three hand-painted Sleepy Hollow stamps so they are my favorites. I didn't know how rare they were... clearly not a philatelist.

Donna Gabbard

Even though this stamp is probably not thought of as Halloween-related, the 65 cent Baltimore Checkerpoint has the black and orange colors of Halloween.

I loved reading about mail art party. Organizing one of those is now on my list of things to do!

Thanks for the chance to win a goodie bag!


My favorite Halloween postage stamp? Hands down, it's the 10 cent Sleepy Hollow! I love the graphic design and the strong colors on that one. So. Perfect.

A close runner-up in my book is the Monsters series. Wish I had stockpiled a bunch of those!

Lastly, on an amusing note... I DID stockpile the E.Poe stamps -- but I love using those for Valentines. Somehow, that just fits, in my book. LOL!

Thanks for sharing the party with us, Donovan! Looks like a lovely time was most definitely had by all.


I will definitely try out the mail art party. I'm also a big fan of the 10 cent Sleepy Hollow. It seems to be popular.


Ooh! Sleepy Hollow all the way! But the American Bats are a VERY close second. Not strictly Halloween, but definitely appropriate!

sara jean

What a GREAT idea! i think Ill have one soon with a Christmas theme in mind. Maybe then Ill actually get the cards out on time!!!

Hmmm Halloween stamp... It would definitely be a Nightmare before Christmas stamp though I am not entirely sure if there ever has been one... Oh wait!!! I would love a classic horror film collection of stamps that pictures all of the oldie but goodie movies.


What a wonderful idea, Donovan. Our SF Correspondence Co-Op meetings are kind of like that but now that you mention it I'd like to throw one at my house. Eating fall snacks and making mail art (love the "we mail arted" comment) sounds like a superb way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends -- I"m going to do it soon.
And I have trouble picking a favorite Halloween stamp because I like just about all the stamps mentioned -- I used Sleepy Hollow and the Monsters stamps on my Halloween cards this year. A friend has been using those DOLL stamps on hers and they are pretty creepy too. Happy Halloween!


American bats and Poe are a tie for me too. I now want to have a mail art party. I already have the glue sticks...

Bonnie Melody

There was a really great Canadian stamp released circa 1991 entitled "The Witched Canoe" (Scott #1334) that pictured a canoe flying over the trees with a creepy devil's face in the background, complete with glowing red eyes! Love it!

This mail art party is a great idea, especially because it was small and fun. Three guests would be enough for me.
Thanks for the ideas and the chance to win a goody bag!


Weird, I've been doing a ton of that lately, although a lot of is with Victorian clip art. Part of it is having time to do it because either no one is writing or I'm going to get a 20 letter dump-load soon. ^_^ *fingers crossed*


What a fun idea. I would love to attend a letter art party. As for a favorite halloween stamp, probably the Boris Karloff Frankenstein stamp. I teach the novel to my sophomores and love showing them scenes from the old monster movies.


My favorite Halloween stamps are the Sleepy Hollow Stamps, but I would really love to see the Boris Karloff Frankenstein stamp, as I am a big fan.

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