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July 03, 2013



I'd hope to get some notecards, a stationery set or a journal. Really, anything paper related is fine by me!


I would love pretty stationery, anything letterpress. Maybe a cool pen to write with and bonus points for vintage uncancelled stamps!


I have to agree with you -- I would expect something more/different for that amount of money. I'd love some unusual stationery, stickers, ephemera... I also like notepads. And post-its! I use SO MANY post-its.

Joan Clarke

I would find this disappointing, especially for the amount of money spent. But for a freebee, I can stand it.

I'd like to find a box filled with content quality matching cost. I'd especially like anything postal related: stationery, stamps (rubber) tape, ribbon, glue, envelope templates, stickers, etc.


It's really a shame the experience with this service wasn't all that great. I'm not a fan of tricky customer service procedures, and I definitely don't like that they automatically charge you for the next one.

In my mystery paper box, I would love unique stationary, stickers or rubber stamps, a card set (not just one), some mail art, definitely vintage stamps, writing utensils, and notepads.


I was generously gifted a year subscription to Olive Box by my family, and it's definitely been hit or miss. The box above was also my first... ho hum for sure. I enjoyed the next two, but I'm not sure they were worth the price. This past month was a dud, in my opinion. The theme was fabric, and there was a "kit" (square of fabric and instructions) to make a gift bag. Hmm. I know this service is relatively new, so maybe they'll hit their stride? For now I'd have to say I won't be subscribing at the end of my gift.


I would be thrilled to open my mystery box to find lovely note cards, a couple sets of stationery, unusual sticker seals, elegant paper napkins, vintage paper ephemera, a batch of unique mailing labels, some bookplates, and a few one-of-a-kind bookmarks :>


What a shame to spend so much and not get your money's worth! I would like fun cards or stationery, a fountain pen and ink, maybe some fun mailing labels.


I've had somewhat similar experiences with other monthly mail services. Some months are much better than others - it seems like you've got to stick it out to get the gems... however, if I were to receive one of these boxes, I would be keen on receiving quirky stationery, seals, stamps, and inks - I love having a mass arsenal of paper supplies to fit any mood I'm in - or, better yet - fit the personality of those I'm writing.


I tried out Olive Box too but canceled after my first box. It was lovely, yes, but there was only a notcard, a little packet of confetti, and a journal with a specific theme. Just wasn't what I was expecting for the money. I was and am more interested in stationery.

Julie Merilatt

I would like a journal, a writing utensil or stickers. I'm addicted to wire-bound journals with unique designs.


I would love some letterpress stationery in the mail and I am crazy about fountain pens, even cheap ones. Or regular pens with colored ink. Some postcards would be nice, too

Kimmie David

Hmmm. A box full of stationery sets would be an amazing paper subscription service...


I would love any sort of postcards, stationery, pens, stickers and commemorative stamps. This box sounded lovely such a shame it was not so good :(


Nice stationery, washi tape, stickers, rubber stamps, fun envelopes, postcards....I guess I'm not too picky.


Unique stationery, ephemera, vintage stamps, postcards, fountain or dip pen......and Goulet Pen Company ink samples. Lovely idea!


a rubber stamp or two, some beautiful cards to send to friends, anything whistful enough to jump-start my inspiration to write more letters to friends (and strangers!).


I'm crazy about anything paper, from cards to labels, ephemera to pens, washi tape to rubber stamps!


The stationery looks so cook and unique. Count me in.

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