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July 26, 2013



"Letters don't go bad"--I love that! Thanks for the reminder :)


A tardy reply is much better than no reply.


I, too, am bad about letting them pile up. I never mind a late reply because why should I expect them to do any different! I keep telling myself I will be more diligent about it, but that hasn't worked so far.


I also have to hold back on apologizing for tardy replies. But I remind myself, they don't want to hear apologies, they want to hear about life and all the lovely thoughts worth sharing! Thanks for this post though, it's nice to know I'm not the only one to ever write a late response.

Joan Clarke

I don't have mail guilt because I'm one of those who replies promptly...not more than a week goes by before I send a note or letter. But I'm not working, I have lots of free time. Few obligations, so it's much simpler for me to get those letters posted. I do understand that life gets in the way and I'm not put off by longer waits by my pen pals, all of them work full time.


For me, this is where having some pre-stamped postcards come in handy. If you know you're going to be having a busy week, and the mail is piling up, it takes little effort to jot down a note on a postcard to let your pen-pals know they won't be receiving a letter from you for a while. At least they get a "picture" to look at from you. But if you're in Donovan's situation, I agree that a tardy reply is better than no reply! We're all busy adults and no one should make you feel bad that you haven't responded to their letter.


I only suffer from mild mail guilt as I don't mind getting replies from my pen pals after long lapses. I have a number of international pen pals and I understand sometimes mail can get held up or people simply get busy. "Letters don't go bad" are words I live by. Part of the fun of letter writing is the surprise of each mail day!


The trap I see myself and my pen pals falling into is longer and longer letters with longer and longer between mailings! For myself, I've decided that while letters should be thoughtful responses to that (massive-novel-length) last letter, postcards are exempt. I can send a postcard anytime and not feel like I'm messing up the repartee!

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