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April 16, 2014



I save all of my correspondence, but I have a particular penpal that I've been getting letters from for over 12 years now. I love reading the really old letters every once in a while and reflecting how much has changed in our lives.


I save all of my regular pen pal letters and cards from klder family memebers. I like to take out old leaders of friends and read them in a run to see the changes in their lives as they take place.


I save all the letters I receive. As I'm only 25 I wonder how long this will be able to go on!


To be completely honest, I don't believe I've ever thrown a letter out. I've a bad habit of keeping letter, greeting cards, invites, etc. Maybe that'll change in the future when I have to purge, but as of now... it's a good reminder of all the love I've gotten since I've been a teenager from various friends/family members.


I really treasure the letters from my grandparents (2 grandmas and one grandpa). I love to look at their handwriting. Also I have some hilarious letters from my college roommates sent during breaks when we all went home. One I recently showed to my roommate from Milwaukee and we had a good laugh.
And thanks for offering the book as a giveaway!


I used to literally save every single card and letter I received - until I had to move. That was a lot of paper. Now I only save things from people I remember (yes, I had stuff that old) and that has a personal message in it (more than just "Happy birthday!")


I save everything, but someday that will have to change. I love Shanna's line in the sand and may use that :)


I save all my letters, I like to look back and remind myself of different seasons, years, dynamics. It tends to be very entertaining :-)

Jason W. Dean

I've saved the letters my grandfather started sending me about 20 years ago - and just rehoused them archivally. Really, we keep almost all our letters (especially ones from LWA members!)


I keep all correspndence that has something more than the printed sentiment. I love to remember everything about that person, that time in my life, that time in theirs, everything. Helps me to stop and smell the roses so to speak.


I'm totally going to go buy one -- or more!! A lovely gift, I think. But it would also be awesome to win one too. If I win, will you stamp the LWA logo on the inside cover? :)

I keep all correspondence, organized by the sender. Which means I have a box of letters going back... well, decades! (And we'll leave it at that.) I have this idea that at some point, I'll return letters to dear friends, nieces, and nephews, and they'll have this entertaining record of their lives.

Sarah Imholt

Giveaway - hooray!

I used to keep all letters and cards but, like Shanna, decided to remove those from people I didn't remember when facing a move. But I've kept everything since then. Probably time to organize again.

Mary Lou in Central NY

I've saved the letters that my grandparents sent to me, and I'm glad I did, as they are now no longer with me. I wish I had appreciated the letters more at the time, instead of being the eye-rolling teenager that I was...

I don't save greeting cards, unless they have a detailed personal message.

Leah Sawkins

I save most of my letters. The only ones I don't keep are from penpals past whom I have't heard from in a year or so & they end up on my scrap pile to be made into something creative so I guess in a way I do keep them all, just not all to read lol! :O)


I've saved all the letters from a dear friend in AK. We first "met" online in a quilters chat room. When the chat room moderator moved on and closed down, we kept up with one another via email until she moved to a very remote village on the Iditarod trail without internet connection. That was some 10-12 years ago. She has since moved to major cities in AK but never got back online, so our letter writing continues.

I also keep all the pen pal letters associated with LWA.

I hope I win the book! Good luck to all.


I save all my mail! just because I'm sentimental and like looking through old letters. thanks for the giveaway!

Lisa Vi

I admit I save all my letters. I try to go through them and toss some out but they bring back a memory of person or a time in my life and I can't do it. My favorite letters are the ones from a friend I've had since third grade (almost 35 years) that include notes we use to pass in school. I also treasure the letters my husband wrote when we met while attending separate colleges. I am so glad this was before email because I know he probably would not have written letters. They are even more important because he rarely writes letters. Finally, I will never get rid of the notes and letters from my sons.


I save them all, of course! I recently decided it was time to organize the ones I have gotten since coming to college, and I spread them all out in delightful piles all over the floor, which I then grouped and alphabetized... but now I have all the piles, and I am not sure how to keep each pile together - I tried rubber bands, but the squished the edges of the letters horribly. I thought about ribbon or string, but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Any advice, anyone?

Matt Thompson

I save almost all of my incoming correspondence as well. It's a simple, albeit significant, way to remember the important people who have been/are in my life.

Jane B.

I am an aunt of 18 and I have encouraged and cultivated one niece in particular to be my pen pal. We began writing letters to each other when she was 7; now she's 13! I decorated a beautiful box and I store ALL of her letters in it -- with the hopes that when she turns 21 or 25, I'll present her with the collect so she can "get to know her younger self" and re-remember what was important to her as a child. I hope to strike up the same correspondence with a couple of my younger nieces as they turn 7, 8, 9.

Abby Nolan

I save all letters, some particular friends get their own box. I also try to make a copy of letters I send to them to keep a mostly complete correspondence. This adds to space but I think it will be priceless later in my life. Also, for those who write to me once a year or so, it helps me to recall what I've written to them about in my last letter. They are all precious little gems.

Adrienne Mason

I save all of my letters. Well, almost all of them. I recently burned correspondence from an old boyfriend. With years of hindsight, I found he was really quite nasty to me, so I didn't need the reminder! Everyone else stays though.


I save all my letters and cards - except maybe for invoices:) I need to start copying my own letters too, love that idea.


I come from a letter writing family. I keep meaningful letters from family and friends, including the letter my father wrote to me on the day of my birth. I also have a collection of letters I found while perusing a thrift shop written by a farm owner's wife about her life and the life of her just recently married son during the early '30s in California.

Happy Day Mail

I have always saved letters or short personal notes from all my family members, close friends, and from pen pals that I've had for years. These small pieces of correspondence are reminders that these individuals at some point in time took enough time to sit down and through pen and paper have given me a part of themselves. That makes me feel good :>


I pretty much save all my letters and always have. My favorites are the ones my grandfather would mail me when he went on trips. He was never gone long, but he would always send me a letter from wherever he went.


I have to admit, I don't save all my letters. I photograph some (though I've even fallen out of the habit of doing that). I like the idea of a bundle of letters waiting for someone to find in the future... But I'm just not the kind of pack rat that wants to keep those letters, move them, and store them.

I do keep special letters-- birthday cards from my mom, Valentines from my husband, truly kind notes, or acceptance letters (grad school!). I mean, I'm not a monster!


I do have some penpals for whom I read their letters and then lovingly place them in the recycling bin. I do save the letters of family and close friends.


I admit, for many years I was not the best at saving letters, something I really regret as I remember some of the mail I would have saved had I only known... ahhh youth...but I have saved certain letters. I was going through some papers the other day and found several letters from my oldest son that he sent from Basic Training 14 years ago. How he has grown all these years since! And a letter my grandfather sent to my daughter when he found ought she was interested in archeology. I plan on giving that back to her one day to see how far she's come too.


I regret that I didn't keep all the letters that I received. When I was moving out of my parents' home, my sister was helping me decide what to keep. She thought that I should get rid of my old correspondence because I couldn't remember the last time that I'd been through it. The letters that I miss the most are the ones that my mother sent me when I was in college. She wrote at least one letter a week and they were always witty and filled with news of home. One time she wrote that she thought that my plants had developed strep stem. I now keep all letters except the ones from ex-boyfriends. There is usually a reason that they are exes and I don't have a desire to remember them.


I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a stack of letters written by my great-great grandfather to his soon to be bride! His handwriting was amazing, even tho the content of the letters was fairly bland. There was a lot of words about the weather and travel, but not so much of L-O-V-E! I am thinking of framing some of these letters to preserve them for future generations! Thanks for the give away!


Letters are all saved! At this time I have more space than I need and can store them. I do not keep cards with just a signature like the Christmas ones.

Susan W

I keep all my letters. I use some as bookmarks. I've framed some beautiful cards. Some of my letters are stored in decorative boxes. I copy my own letters and keep them in a binder. I'm very glad to hear about this new book!

Lisa A

Letters are saved and treasured, love letters especially. For me letters are just to wonderful to toss out so I save them.

Elyse M

I save all of the personal letters I receive. They mostly come from penpals, craft swap partners, and members of my calligraphy guild. I like to take one or two out at random and revisit old memories.

Jan F.

So glad to hear that it's a great book. A few weeks ago I came across an article about letter writing by this author and had added it to my TBR list.

I used to save all my letters but had to get rid of a lot of stuff for a recent move and only kept what would fit in one (book) box. Now to start over collecting letters.


I save all my letters and even some greeting cards with just a signature, if from some one special.


I've LOVED writing letters since kindergarten! I was the youngest person in my calligraphy class when I was eight. I still write to my New Zealand pen pal of twenty years and I don't plan to stop! There is something I can't put my finger on that makes letter writing exciting and lovely - the style of writing, the stationary and seeing the mistakes of the writer (no spell check in letters!) - I love every aspect. I will have to teach my future children to write as they don't teach cursive in school anymore :( Power to the PEN!

Cindy R.

I save most of the letters and cards I've received. There are a few notes from high school that I shredded because I didn't want to hold onto the memories, but mostly everything else I have kept.

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