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December 04, 2015



I couldn't join in live, but did get maybe a half dozen cards ready to mail. Plus about 15 cards to take into church to be taken to the "homebounds"-members, etc who are now like in nursing homes that will be taken when the church goes caroling to them. Today I've been watching the video while working on my family's Christmas cards/notes. And also while getting my Grandmother (who no longer is able to do it herself) cards selected, addressed, and stamped, so all she has to do is sign them.

Couple things you said near the end:

#1 Red envelopes-I think it has something to do with reading it with red spectrum lasers, and that's actually one of the first envelopes I decorated-because I waited to mail a pink envelope until the last minute and so it'd get there in time I added a label to make it easy to read (http://scribblingsarah.blogspot.com/2011/05/address-labels-for-cards.html)

#2 I actually just used white out as marker on one of my Thanksgiving envelopes to decorate a football!! (http://scribblingsarah.blogspot.com/2015/11/smiles-sent-saturday-11222015.html)

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