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June 22, 2016



Hmmm... I'd give it to my 11-year old niece, Ella, who would LOVE the idea of sending postcards to all of her cousins!


I'd share it with my little cousin Martim, who is just discovering the magic of mail! :)


I love this idea! I'd share my kit with my good friend, and fellow snail mail enthusiast, Kim!


I'd share with a friend who just asked me some great questions about my correspondence and mail art and art the other day - encouraging a blossoming correspondent! :D. Thanks for the chance to win!


I'd share it with my grandson, who loves getting mail - and could use some help writing back. Thanks for all the wonderful things you do for all of us!


Fun idea. I'd share this with my mail friend Eva, as she would love that set of postcards.

Jane B.

I would share this with my 15-year-old niece to re-ignite our pen pal relationship. Fingers crossed....


I'd share it with my niece who doesn't have time to write letters but who would happily use a ready-made set of postcard love! Here's hoping!!

Diana Fillingham

I'd share it with my friend in Switzerland, though she'd have to use swiss postage!

Cindy R.

Saw this on Instagram yesterday. Looks like a fun idea! I would share this with my friend and her littles. Life can get so hectic at times and this seems like perhaps it could temporarily make it seem less so...


I would share it with my new pen pal who lives in Oklahoma!

Karen B

I would share with my daughter, who will be "aging out" of diabetes summer camp this year! It's either this... Or the pigeon... And the pigeon, maybe?


I would share this with my penpals! As snail mail lovers they would be over the moon!


Oh, how cool! I'd share it with a childhood friend of mine who is also a pen pal. She wants more pen pals but isn't sure how to get started, and I think a kit would make it easier for her. :)


I'd share this with my penpal who loves postcards, sends them almost exclusively, and I'm the one with the slow return rate (so maybe it'd get me up to date!).


I'd share it with my granddaughter who loves getting mail. She's asked me to write at least once a week. And most weeks, I do.


I would share this with my friend's daughter who is just getting into snail mail and loves postcards.


What a great project! I would share it with my 2 nieces and nephew living in France as a way to introduce them to the joys of snail mailing : D

ellen gehring

I would share it with my best friend who lives in NY! It would be a good way for us to catch up quickly with one another! Love this project idea!!


Nice idea, but they don't ship outside the USA. So y'know, not for everyone. Good for them though.


I'd share with my sister who just moved to the East Coast and is having a hard time away from home.


I would share it with my penpal Julie! we've done a mail project before, and I think she'd like this one too!

Leah Fox

I would share it with my classmate, Cait, who just started her medicine residency across the country. I doubt either of us will have much time to write these next few years.

Loni Young

I would share it with my seven year old son, who is just beginning his own pen-friend journey.


I would share the kit with my niece


Hi! I'd give it to my dad. I think he finds it hard to communicate with his increasing dementia. This could give him ideas

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