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March 27, 2017


Terri Beth

Love this!

Cindy R.

Saw this on Instagram and was wondering what the full story was. Very cool!

Joe F.

That is at least fourteen different kinds of awesome.


That's awesome! My dad told me that in the past, someone could address him an envelope as: Big George, Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754
and it would get delivered to him.


Postal employees are the best! I never let anyone get away with saying anything negative about USPS in my presence. Once, when I was a child, I read a story in the newspaper about a dog who'd been shot while protecting the family home from a home invasion. I mailed a letter addressed to "Sam, the dog who was shot", and the city and state with my best guess as to the ZIP code. It was delivered, and I was delighted to receive a return from Sam a little while later.

Alan B

Oh marvellous, that's even better than if they had delivered it normally! Three cheers for the postal people!
But don't you wonder what might be in that mailbox without a key?


True true about mail miracles! The mail ladies in our building are a real gift to everyone, with their kindness to us and attention to our mail every day. Thank you!

Donovan Beeson

Most assuredly. But the building has also recently built a new suite in the hallway where the boxes used to be and I cant even gaze wistfully at them anymore.

Karen B

Funny... I addressed a letter going to (example) 123 Smith St NW with the NW on the second line by itself when I ran out of room - and it was returned to me. From Florida all the way to Connecticut, and returned all the way back to Florida.

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