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November 22, 2017



Oh WOW!!! I wish I could travel to Japan again now that I am a LWA member. Last time I was there was 2000- I would stock up on stationery for sure!

Anyways, I am partial to the Junichi Nakahara Kimono Ladies Letter Paper. What a lovely product name! Too bad it it sold out.

So many people are cat lovers that I can imagine they all would love that kit!


What an awesome give away!I'd love some Muji gel ink pens.


Love Japanese stationery and pens. Cats are always a classic. Gel pens are great. The Zakka kit would be lovely, but they're all great.


Top of my Christmas wish list is some gold ink to write place cards with for Christmas lunch.
What an awesome prize, if I won I would give it to my best friends daughter, she absolutely loves cats, craft and stationery. It would be the perfect Christmas present for her. ❤️🐱


I would love to send this to my writer friend in Germany as she loves cats - the perfect Christmas present!

Angela Cracchiolo

Cats, cats, cats and more cats! I actually have 5 (indoor only) and a caretaker of about 15 feral cats (outside of course!), so, needless to say, I love cats! Top of my letter writing wishlist: a fountain pen! Thanks for the opportunity for a giveaway!


Well I think “Neko” is Japanese for cat, so I’m not surprised it was cat themed. Very cute. My letter writing wishlist is: fun stationery! Especially with animals on it.

Stephanie J

Whoaa, that's so adorable! Adorable cats. I'd pick washi tape to share with penpals. I keep a tight grip on my wallet when I visit Cute Tape...


Yup, washi tape is a great gift - so versatile - use it on/in letters, journals, calendars, decorating and marking of all kinds.

What an adorable gift box! Love cats but can't have real ones so this would be perfect. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

Kim Locke

This is an amazing stationery set! :) I would give this to my friend in the UK, she has recently lost a woof and is heartbroken...but this would deffo cheer her up as she does meow rescue :)


I most definitely regret not getting more stationary when I was in Japan, they have so much more variety than the United States.

My writing friend has been wanting a typewriter, a Turkish Angora, and some new pens. I will probably get them pens as the other too are a tad bit out of my buying range.

AmyMarie Riley

What a fun box of cats and stationery items!
I love mail art and it would be great to have more stickers, tape, or other envelope decoration type items. Fun to decorate envelopes and send them on their way. And most people enjoy receiving spiffy-ed up mail.


These kits look super fun.
I'm hoping that some of my friends will give me the gift of donating to Black and Pink. I'm hosting a card writing party to send personalized holiday cards to GLBTQ prisoners, but I would love to help fund the efforts of the organization as well.
Also more gel pens. Always.


More stamps! You can never have too many of them :)


That kit is super cute! One thing on my list that I think everyone might enjoy is the Pilot Plumix fountain pen, it is fun to write and draw with.


I'm basically in love with Japan, adore cats and have developed a stationery habit for fun letter writing, so this NekoBox combines my favorite obsessions! My best friend also loves all of those things and I would love to use this box to send her a gorgeous piece of mail for Christmas. I have always wanted a typewriter and I'm sure any letter writer would love to have one too for the sheer charm of it.


You just can't beat Japanese stationery; I'm excited to hear about this Zakka kit! I may have to add it to my wish list. Something that's already on it that others might like is this little refillable memo pad: https://www.jetpens.com/Lihit-Lab-Aqua-Drops-Twist-Ring-Memo-Notepad-Squeeze-Open-3-x-4.1-Lined-Green/pd/20550 I love always carrying around a little notebook to jot down thoughts, ideas, and observations. They are handy to refer to when sitting down to write later and I'm trying to remember, "now what was it that I wanted to write my pen pal about...?"


I love the cat washi tape, and Japanese stationary is the best! I would gift the kit to a friend who really loves Japanese culture.

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