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April 25, 2018


Joe F.

Heck, that's become my *preferred* option for getting new ink in a fountain pen. The cartridge holds more than most converters do, and I tend to make less of a mess than with other filling-from-the-bottle methods. (I can generally be trusted not to make a mess if I'm using a manufacturer-filled cartridge. Generally.)


I actually picked up a pair of eye droppers at a local pharmacy and they work great for refilling the cartridges too!

Robert Burnham

I find that it's worthwhile to have a kleenex handy to wipe down the syringe needle after filling from the bottle. If you don't, you can leave ink from the outside of the needle all around the cartidge's puncture hole, leading to a mess when you start injecting ink.

Also, I insert the needle almost to the bottom of the cartridge before injecting the ink. This tends to produce less "bubble up" at the puncture hole.

With a wide-mouth cartridge such fussiness may not matter much, but with small-hole cartridges like Esterbrooks, it reduces the chance of messes.

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