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June 04, 2018



Cool! I should have taken that train ride with you!

Angela Cracchiolo

I've been to two local, to me, stamp shows this year, my "firsts". I went because they only happen once a year, it's now or I'd have to wait an entire year for the next one. I'm glad I did because, just as Donovan points out, full sheets and booklets of stamps can be had at face value or LESS, such a bargain. And yes, it's mostly old white men, LOL! But I did see several female dealers and a few youngsters, so that was refreshing. Bring cash, but some dealers did take cards, and plan on spending a few hours, at least - it takes a while to look through them all.


There is a great stamp show in the Rockford area every year (well, great for my purposes--I'm sure it's much smaller than the Chicago show, but then again, you can only see/shop so much in a day). I now spend a whole afternoon there, but next year I'm planning to go both days. When buying foreign stamps (cancelled and uncancelled), I've found that some dealers will give a discount for purchases that add up to a decent amount (a sort of bulk discount, not advertised, just on the spot). I hope to make it to the Chicago show next year.

Chloe McNaught

Really enjoyed your Instagram posts of the stamp fair. My step-dad's sister is a stamp trader, mostly in collectibles, but I don't speak with her often. She is of the type of person that thinks stamps are to be squirreled away and not stuck on letters. I googled for stamp fairs in my local area and was surprised to find one in my hometown in July! If I feel brave enough I will attend and report back. The following links may be of interest to you, the first is for the Hull Philatelic Society and the second for my step-aunt's website.


karen weiss

I would love to hear how people organize/store their stamps for daily use.

Joe F.

Another reason to bring cash and *not* your credit card is that, if you've only got $40 with you, you can't find yourself inexplicably on your way home with $350 in stamps and a gently spinning head.


I have been to two different local stamps shows (in suburban Seattle). As you said, the vendors are mostly white older men. But I found them to be very welcoming and eager to help me find what I’m looking for. I never pay more than face value and occasionally I can find slightly discounted vintage stamps. But also like you said, it takes a long time to look through everything. I usually find some general things I wanted to find, and then get burned out. I go every year (one club hosts two sales a year and the other has an annual sale.) A couple of the men have remembered me from previous shows (and I’m not a young chick). I definitely look forward to going to the shows (even though I DON’T NEED more stamps, but I go anyway.) Sometimes you stumble onto something great, like a stack of unused vintage air mail envelopes.


In SLC, the local Philatelic Club sponsors between 4-6 shows a year (sometimes combined with numismatics), which is AWESOME! Over the years I've taken different family members and I'm thrilled that my sisters, several adult nieces, and several young nieces & nephews all think it's a super fun way to spend an afternoon. In fact, those other adults have been making it a lot more frequently than I have lately. LOL! and YAY!

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