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November 02, 2018


Coastside LWS

LWA and the Stamp Out Campaign are the entire reason that Coastside LWS exists! Take all the credit you want. Thank you for all you do to support and inspire the snail mail community!

Donovan Beeson

Awwwwwww. Thats awesome! Keep up the great work!

Coastside LWS

Thanks! We're also meeting this month on Saturday, November 17.

Ann marie

I’m starting one on the Olympic Peninsula in WA state, just working on the name!

Mrs Sarah Coller

Fabulous! Yes, I must give credit where credit is due! I discovered LWA about the same time I discovered the (currently on break, I believe) Jane Austen Letter Writing Society and thought it was a fabulous idea! I developed my own group around my favorite time period (Victorian Letter Writers Guild) and the rest is snail mail history! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!


Love this! A compiled list is so helpful! Spreading the word about more clubs and encouraging people to create one in their communities is a positive way to help the world one letter at a time :)

Lynne K

Are there any clubs in Maine?


In Vancouver, BC, the Regional Assembly of Text has one on the 1st Thursday of every month.


Lone Star Letter Writers, we are in Ft Worth Texas and meet once a month. Next meet up is November 10th!



There is a high school letter writing club somewhat near me. The IG handle is phsletterwritingclub. I believe that stands for Peninsula High School Letter Writing Club (located in Gig Harbor, Washington). I have no connection to the school, but noticed their IG presence. I’m happy to see that some high school-age kids are interested in letter writing.


Would love to look at starting one. How can I find out if there are enough members of LWA in the area?


Donovan Beeson

I listed all I knew of, but if you make enough noises at Squeezebox Press, they might start something up...

Donovan Beeson

Can not believe I forgot to put them on the list. They are old timers like us.

Donovan Beeson

Great news! We posted a while back about how to start up a club with tips from the L A Pen Pal Club. We do not keep a member database for privacy reasons, but I see a lot of people using Instagram and Facebook to get the word out.

Tona Bell

Hi Donovan - You inspired Tammy and I to start The Tampa Bay Letter Writers . Our club meets and has socials the last Saturday of each month. Our next meeting is Saturday November 24th. We use Facebook, Meet Up, Instagram and The Paper Seahorse web site to let people know when meetings are an if there is theme. We love that you put this together. We get ask so often how to find a club in different areas!


In Philadelphia the Mail Art and Letter Writing Social meets every second Sunday of the month at Second State Press! (I host it.)

Tammy McKeever

Hello! I’ve loved being a member for some time but have now moved to a new state. I’m trying to find a “Letter Writing Club in San Antonio Texas. Does anyone know of one? The members in Austin were exceedingly welcoming but would also like one closer to home. Would appreciate any info you can share!


I'm sorry to say that I do not.

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