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December 28, 2018



I had a look at this a couple of months ago, and too wondered what the point of it was. I got "letters" mainly from Africans starting out "Hello Dearest" - and it felt creepy.

Alan B

OK, I suppose . . . if you can't write, live in a country with no postal service, have a paper allergy or pen phobia. But you can't decorate the envelope, include leaflets, play about with different papers, inks and writing styles, or communicate with anyone who hasn't got this app. And how long would it take to compose a proper letter on a silly little picture of a keyboard? It's no substitute for the real thing.




I checked this out when it popped up as a recommended app. Not a fan. I won't use it. I prefer the old fashioned letter writing. I think the beauty of letter writing is lost with an app and defeats the whole purpose of it.


Not everyone has a smart phone. I don't, I find them creepy and invasive. And they are rather expensive. So not really as accessible as good old-fashioned pen and paper, and stamps.


I would never use this. Twenty years from now, no one is going to go back and reread something buried on a phone (if the app even carries over, over time). The durability of a letter and the possibility for me or others to read them again in the future is so important, and part of the charm of writing letters.


I decided to try this app out and I'm still waiting to hear someone...it's not like I lost anything trying it out ! :D


No, I would never use this. Tactile paper is far superior for many reasons mentioned above. And more private; I write things in letters that I would never put into email or send through a third-party (who would probably hope to exploit my data). 💌


I tried this app. Not a fan. Huge privacy concerns. It actually says in their TOS that "we do not promise to screen Content, but we have the right to do so." As in they can read the messages you send!! And it's impossible to delete messages - or even your profile. I have a pen pal who deleted his profile (the app says it has been removed), but I can still see all of his info. Including his birthday and the distance between us in kilometers. Creepy.

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