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July 31, 2019


Rachel Schoumacher

Ach, sad news! But you've done a great thing for the world and I can totally understand wanting to quit gracefully instead of waiting until it becomes burdensome to continue.

I wish you both luck in all your endeavors, and many days of Good Mail in your futures! Donovan, feel free to take your time responding to my latest letter (only sent it yesterday so you may not even have it yet). There's nothing urgent in it.


I look forward to seeing what the next chapter will bring you both! Thank you for your efforts.

Alyssabeth Guerra


Thanks for 10 years of friendship (marked this October(hope there's many more))! I'm so glad to have found the L.W.A. and to have been a part of this letter writing community. May we all continue to carry on this mission!
All of my love to you both, thank you for all of your work and efforts.

Cinnamon Cooper

All my love to both of you. You have benefitted so many people in tangible and heartfelt ways and I'm grateful to have had you impact my life.

Donovan Beeson

Thank you Rachel, for being a member and for your letters and being a friend! I will say it many times, but the people I have met with LWA have been the greatest surprise and treasure.
Thank you.

Donovan Beeson

It has been our pleasure. Thank you.

Donovan Beeson

This has been one of the best things in my life and Im so happy to have shared it with you and that it brought us together. Thank you for your friendship and membership!

Donovan Beeson

We are so lucky to have been supported and nurtured and inspired by you throughout these years. Thank you so much! You are a part of this and we are so grateful.


Oh such sad news but so understandable! I am still friends with my penpal I met through LWA. This has been such a wonderful experience for me. Thank you for your hard work over the years. You are appreciated and loved.

Mike Lambert

You have done a wonderful, beautiful, meaningful, significant, and very kind thing. You have made this world a slightly better place. Who can hope to do that?


What a run! I should write a letter to put my gratitude into proper form. Thank you! On to the next chapter!C

Marti Schrock

Sorry to hear this. You will be missed. You have been an inspiration and a help, again and again. Please know you are appreciated for all you have shared.

Terri Beth

I posted some thoughts on Insta, but I also wanted to say here that I check this site every single workday morning. Always excited to see a new post. I'm gonna appreciate the heck out of the time left.

Donovan Beeson

Thank you so much! We are so lucky!

Donovan Beeson

Thanks for the support and your membership! We appreciate your kind words!

Donovan Beeson

A letter from you is always welcome! Thank you for your long-time membership!

Donovan Beeson

It has been an honor. Thank you for your membership and support.

Donovan Beeson

Thank you! We cant say it enough. Weve only been as good as our members have made us!

Sharon in Texas

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I don't remember how I found LWA, but I'm so glad I did.


I thank you for re-vitalizing the art and joy of letter writing. I thank you for the penships that I have received and made through L.W.A. I consider those to be a lasting gift/legacy from you to me, to all of us.

Olivia Arrow

I just want to say thank you for everything you two did, from your blog posts to free downloads to your socials. Because of your socials I have made new friends locally. You matched me with a penpal in Canada who has been a dear friend for several years now. You better believe I'm going to soak up your final year! Thank you thank you thank you for all your work. XO

Donovan Beeson

Thanks for being a member!

Donovan Beeson

Yall are what has made this great! Thank you for being a member!

Donovan Beeson

It has been a true pleasure to connect with people like you. Thank you for being a member!


Thanks so much. We'll miss LWA, but do understand that you have other things to accomplish in life. Wishing you the very best.


Thank you for all your hard work.

Donovan Beeson

Thank you!

Donovan Beeson

Thank you!


I wish you both the best in all your future endeavors! LWA has been an amazing resource for the community and a fabulous way to make new friends. I am lucky that it connected us and so many other folks.

Donovan Beeson

It has been out pleasure. Thank you for being a member!


This is bittersweet. I check the USPS periodically for stamp designs, but your posts were always so cheerful (new stamps!). It was nice how you two found letter and postal stories worldwide and shared them here.

I had thoughts of a custom address (circle) thing last holiday season. I’d better remember what I was thinking for it before the custom addy deadline.

I’ve downloaded your code wheel and shared it with my brother and pen pals. There are other downloads I want to get before it’s too late. Thank you for those.

For those who might want pen pals after LWA is archived, the Fountain Pen Network has a thread on Snail Mail. This is where I’ve found my pen pals. It might seem scary at first, but my is it rewarding. I’ve made true friends just getting to know people through letters.

Best wishes to Kathy and Donovan. I think I found out about LWA through the Well Appointed Desk blog. Ana’s Link Love email led me here to read this news. Will your PO Box address be kept, or will it go away too?

Donovan Beeson

Thank you for all the kindness and support and the helpful links.
We will have the PO Box for the foreseeable future. I may keep it personally as well.


I am going to miss you both.

I have only been a member since May 2019. I have received two fabulous penfriends. Thank you for this beautiful place to find great penpals and priceless informaiton!

The products in your shop are superb especially the stamps. I have purchased several. Now, I must get the circle stamp with my LWA member number to remember this wonderful community when I am 90 years old.

You have shared so much love.

Thank you so much!


Oh no! Such sad news! I have used numerous sites for penpaling & LWA has always been my absolute favorite.

Donovan Beeson

Thank you for being a member. You are what make us great!

Donovan Beeson

Thank you! Well miss you too.

Nancy George

Ummmm NOOOOOooooo!! Sell the site - I’m sure someone would want to take it over?

Donovan Beeson

Thank you Nancy. We did consider that, but ultimately, I would still feel responsible and that would not be that answer that worker Kathy or I is looking for. Thank you for understanding.


I'm glad you're sticking around for a year, and what a graceful way to end LWA. But I'm sad that, due to family and job taking all my time, I never had time to join LWA. Thank you for inspiring me to once again write letters to family and friends; such a pleasure to rediscover the joys of writing real letters. Which reminds me, I need to go and write my regular letter to my sister....


This makes me sad...it's like the post office wanting to slow down operations. But I respect that you had to make a hard decision and I wonder if you'll continue writing letters in your private, post-LWA lives. Thanks for everything!

Dara Singleton

It's the end of an era. All I can say to you is THANK YOU for introducing me to one of the dearest friends I have ever had in my pen pal. I am so sad to see you all close but completely understand.
Much Love,
Dara Singleton


thanks so much! always wanted to sign up but I just did today =(

Donovan Beeson

Thank you and welcome. Everyone who wants to write more letters will always be a member, whether we are here or not.

Donovan Beeson

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Donovan Beeson

It makes us sad too. Thank you so much for your kindness and membership!


Sad news but I totally understand, especially with shifting careers and/or other demanding commitments.

Thanks so much for your dedication to LWA...and the joy it has provided over the years!

I am still in touch with the first penpal match I received through LWA back in 2017. Thanks for bringing us together through letters!

Donovan Beeson

Thank you for your membership and your letters!


Sad news! I joined in 2016 and made through LWA some great friends.

Good luck for this great team!

Donovan Beeson

Thank you and thanks for being a member!

David Solomon

I'm just now hearing this news. Thank you both so much for the significant impact you have had on my love of mail. I would never have developed my passion for letter writing into mail art and collage if not for LWA! Thank you for providing a space for us mail lovers to find a like-minded community. And thank you for creating so many life-long letter writers.

Never stop mailing!

Donovan Beeson

Thank you David. We really appreciate your longstanding member & friendship.


WHOAH! I'm glad there was a recap of this news in December! I'd never have known. Plus it's weird because I was already having a weep over super old log entries you all did and thinking of how different the world was back then...

We shall carry on, but still... This is so sad! And thank you dearly. For myself and another member, we could not have survived half as well in this decade if we hadn't been introduced to each other by your pen pal swap years ago.

Donovan Beeson

Thank you for being a member and your support over the years. We are so touched that letter writing meant so much to you and your pen pal. It means a lot to us too.

Joe F.

Decided to make some purchases from the shop before stock runs out, and alas, already missed the last of the round LWA patches. I really have to go get my card laminated, before it acquires too much more wear. So, a note to other folks: if there are items you want, don't dawdle.

Thank you, so much, for re-introducing me to the joy of sending letters and cards through the mail; and best of luck in your future endeavors, which I'm sure will be similarly wonderful.

Vivien Roman-Hampton

This is so sad! Would you ever consider passing the torch to someone else to continue?

Donovan Beeson

It was considered, but we would always feel responsible for it and decided this was the best for us. There are many other letter writing groups out there. Please see our Sincerely Yours posting for a list!

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