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October 23, 2019


Joe F.

I'm actually planning to write them to suggest that they improve their marketing on new stamps. As you say: holy frijoles, the Spooky Silhouettes stamps are *amazing*. I've been using them for a few days, and I actually find myself just sitting and playing with the envelope after I put the stamp on, because I like them so much. And that's true of previous issues, too -- I had *no idea* how beautiful the Transcontinental Railroad stamps were until I actually had them in hand. Yes, I knew how great the paintings were, but the gold foil sets them off perfectly, and you absolutely can't tell that from the pictures on the USPS site.

It must make the designers crazy, seeing how flat the designs look on the site after the care they put into production.


I had the same thoughts about the poor marketing. Let's not forget about the lenticular magic stamps which were basically hidden on the USPS site. The Lunar New Year stamp is interesting... the rest are boring.


My response to most of the new stamps is a shrug of my shoulders, but I really like the "Thank You" stamps that were announced. That's something that doesn't get said nearly enough, and I plan to pick up some to use as postage.

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