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December 26, 2019



This post was the kick in the pants I needed to finish up cards I owe and some I just want to write. Can you believe a card-carrying member of the LWA was on the fence about sending out cards *after* Christmas? Happy new year and happy card-writing to all!


I was hoping that this post was going to be the same problem that I had. But I am going to post anyway to see if anyone has any ideas about what to do.

I had about 15 of my cards, going to the same region in the US, just disappear!

I finished my intricate/handmade cards and mailed them on December 5th. I took them to the local post office who kindly let me use their “non machinable” stamp on the A10 envelopes, measured them carefully and consulted with the postmaster to make sure I had more than enough postage, then carefully kept them separate from the machinable mail. It was really a fun morning.

I mailed over 75 cards around the US and abroad. Many were received in various states within a few days.

But 15 of the cards going to my hometown (Northern Indiana) and areas around there have disappeared! They never arrived. My local post office emailed the postmasters in the towns where I knew that the cards had not been received, but nothing has been found. I called the post office with the zip code where 6 of the cards should have delivered and a nice woman there said she would try to find out what had happened.

I am going to have to re-order supplies and re-create cards for these people but I just can’t wrap my head around what might have happened. Especially since I worked with the post office so carefully to send out the cards - and they arrived without incident in so many other states!

Of course, I did not send them with tracking. So I am trying to figure out what might have happened on my own.

My cards are a labor of love, including lots of vintage touches. So it is not like I can just buy another box and resend. I really hope that I won’t have to do that, needless to say.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be thrilled!

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